Erasmus+ programme develops further

18.09.2023 CJD International School « zur Übersicht

The CJD International School is planning student mobility to the Osbecksgymnasiet in Laholm, Sweden, as part of the Erasmus+ programme.

The Head of School, Anne Köneke, and two other members of the Erasmus+ team at the school visited the school in Laholm in advance to discuss the goals and implementation of the cooperation with the Swedish team and to organize the trip of the students of the International School.

The Swedish teachers gave the visitors a first insight into the Swedish school system and opened all the doors for us to get to know the school. A short trip to some local attractions showed possibilities of what the students would experience after school.

The CJD International School will send 18 students and two teachers to Osbecksgymnasiet for a week in October. Erasmus+ supports student and teacher mobility in Europe with substantial financial resources, thus opening up impressive experiences and impressions.