“Getting to know you” Days

22.09.2022 CJD International School « zur Übersicht

School started off with lots of fun and games in the Primary Afternoon Room during our „Getting to know You Days“.

After all the new students were placed in their Houses and our „Competition Week“ began.

It’s like in Harry Potter, where all students belong to Houses to raise group morale. In our school we have the Georg Westermann House (red), the Ricarda Huch House (green), the Friedrich Gauß House (blue) and the Konrad Koch House (yellow).

Here are some impressions from our ‚Sweet competition‘ - Collect as many Smarties as you can through their drinking straws and from our ‚Creative Competition‘ - Draw together funny figures. Teachers were the judges and gave points for the participating teams.

In the first week, the Friedrich Gauß House scored 599 points and is now leading.

Let’s see how it will look after the second week, when the students will have many competitions in the gym or outside. One thing is certain: The fun will continue!